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Madame’s Pearls of Beauty is a UK based health and beauty blog that is updated weekly, offering meticulously honest and unbiased reviews of beauty products of all genres such as, haircare, skincare, nail care, cosmetics and much more. I do solemnly swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth about what I think regardless of whether the product was sent to me or if I purchased it.

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The information in this disclaimer is subject to change at my discretion.
Please bear in mind that Madame’s Pearls of Beauty is merely a reviewing and information based blog and you will not find make-up looks or tutorials here, however I may occasionally post swatches followed by my thoughts on how the product(s) perform. My sincerest apologies to any readers who feel this seems a bit impersonal, but truth be told a lackadaisical application could simply alter your perception of a product and vice versa. Its also worth noting that all products should be approached with a maverick point of view because a product which works or doesn’t work for me, might have completely different effects and results for you!

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This blog is for informational use only. Any views or opinions expressed are personal and strictly formed by me, myself & I. They will never reflect the people or organisations discussed. I do not guarantee the accuracy or effectiveness of any information posted to this blog and will not be held responsible for any errors in this information, nor through any provided links. In no way will this blog intend to offend any person, brand, or institution.


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Take a look around; its always great to have readers, but please make your own judgements on the products that I review as I’m far from all knowing!
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